CBT TO FULL TEST - A1 Licence. 125cc.

The CBT is normally the first day of any course to get you out onto the road on "L" plates and then further training is undertaken to take you up to full test standard.

If you are between 17 and 19 you have to take the A1 motorcycle licence. This means that you will take your test on a smaller motorcycle up to 11kw - 125cc motorcycle. Once you pass the practical test on the 125cc you will have a full A1 licence and can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle with no L plates and passengers are allowed.

We run courses from a one - day super course (for people who are very proficient on a motorcycle already and already have a valid CBT Certificate), up to a 6 day course designed for a complete beginner to motorcycles. During the course you will take the Modular 1 and Modular 2 tests.

When working out which course will suit you best it is best to speak to us at the office and we can advise you as to the right course for you as all courses are tailor made to suit you. The courses are designed for the practical test to be a the end of the last day of training to give you your full days worth but we can also arrange morning tests and half days.

We also provide a free assessment lesson for people holding a current CBT certificate - this is perfect if you are not sure which course will be best for you as after we have seen you ride we can be very accurate about which course will be best for you to pass 1st time. 

  • This licence one passed will allow you to keep riding a 125cc motorcycle or Upon reaching 19 years old you are able to take your category A2 motorcycle licence and ride a bike of up to 35kw / 46.6bhp.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the motorcycle tests and age requirements please click here.


CBT is £120 during the week or £130 at the weekend.  

After the CBT our courses are £140 per day (inc bike hire, fuel, instruction and our unique course guarantee) plus the test fees of £90.50.

So for instance a 5 day course including the CBT and test fees would start from £770.50.

If you would like to know more or enquire about any discounted courses then please contact us for more details.

We also offer HM Forces or Uniformed Services (NHS etc) discounts so please contact us for a quote.